Monday, October 17, 2011

Some Videos About AIDS

I believe that Stephanie Nolan made her journalistic report, Stories of AIDS in Africa very well. Her story about the six year old and nine year old living on their own, depending on only each other was particularly striking to me. It is hard for me to comprehend that two children, each less than half my age, could be out there completely on their own taking care of themselves in the cold, cruel world. It was also fascinating when she talked about the age group it most greatly affects, the 18-35 year old population. This hit me number one because I am part of this group and two because that is the primary work force for the world, providing much of the agricultural, social, and economic labor that is performed across the world.

The video Deadly Catch speaks volumes to the deadliness of the AIDS virus in Kenya. The Jaboya system, an obvious cause for the rampant nature of the disease in this region, is morally and medically inappropriate. It fends off death by starvation for the women and children of the region, but in the process it subjects the women to the deadly disease.

A major issue at the forefront today is the difference between the effects on the United States vs. those on Africa. In Africa, they do not have the resources for education like we do here, nor can the common people afford treatment as easily as we can here. This leads to a heightening of the effects of the disease, as well as a wider spread. This drastically affects the entire region, bringing about a lessening of the work force, the results of which are discussed above.

I knew that AIDS was prevalent in Africa before we started this section, but I never really just how immense of a choke hold it had on the continent. I knew that there was some relief being sent over, but again I had no idea how much was needed versus how much was currently being sent.

Culture plays a major role in the spread of AIDS in Africa. The Jaboya system is entirely cultural and the role it plays is critical to the spread of the disease in the region. It puts disadvantaged women in a position in which they have to choose death by AIDS or death by starvation. In either case, the women end up dead, and the population ends up decimated.

There are only two viable solutions to this which I see at this point. The first would be vaccination. If a vaccine is discovered, it could be distributed around the world and help eliminate the virus. The other option is education. The simplest way to prevent to spread of the disease is to dramatically increase our education efforts overseas and show the people of Africa the benefits of safe sex.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Video Assignment

The first video in the selection is all about the summary section. Summaries can be short or long, whichever the author prefers. However, they must be shorter than the item being summarized. If it is the same length, that is considered paraphrasing. One should avoid quotes in their summary, instead using their own words. The summary should include facts and not include opinions.

The second video addresses the use of keywords in the search. The search should include two to four words, limiting the results to a manageable level while still ensuring that relevant results are acquired.

The third video discusses the use of citations. Source citations offer validity to the information given. They also eliminate the possibility of the author being called out for plagiarism. Properly citing a source shows that a writer has respect for the original author, the teacher, and the institution which they belong to.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Despite the fact that the world is now educated in regards to HIV and the AIDS virus, it is still prevalent in our society. This disease, which can decimate populations and destroy families, should not be as rampant as it is at present. The pandemic began in the 1980's, and well into the next century, it has been slightly limited but not curbed.

The safe sex programs that have been running need to be strengthened. I have noticed that many of my peers still do not know the consequences of unsafe intercourse. Although things have been discovered that help ease the symptoms, the world should not overlook this deadly disease until it is cured.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, America

The United States Government handled the rise of HIV/AIDS in the 1980's extremely poorly. They handled it with extreme prejudice towards the gay community, and cut funding for research for a cure. Members of the Conservative community went so far as to say things like "it's God's punishment for their sins. Even when word was spread that it wasn't a disease of the homosexuals and drug users, Americans still looked the other way, and allowed it to spread to uncontrollable levels.

In Uganda and Thailand, this was much different. The governments stepped up to fight the spread of the disease, offering PSA's warning about the disease and trying to educate their people about safe sex. If the United States had reacted this way, it may not have reached the same level of epidemic.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gay Marriage

Upon reading the two articles that were assigned, I came to the conclusion that the gay marriage issue is primarily about the legal rights of same-sex couples. I support the gay community in this fight for two main reasons.
The first of these reasons lies in my personal beliefs. I sincerely believe that two people can be in love with one another, regardless of gender. Because of this, I support a gay couple's right to marry and start a family just as much as I would for a straight couple.
The second reason is due largely in part to my political beliefs. I believe that church and state should be separate, and thus the government should not have a say in regards to someone's personal choice regarding who to marry. On top of this, I believe that gay couples should be allowed/made to pay the same taxes as straight married couples.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Family

In the reading for this week, we read an essay discussing the factors which are affecting the destruction of the family. Two arguments are presented, the conservative which states that abortion, illegitimacy, and homosexuality are the crucial points in the destruction of the American family, and the liberal theory, which points to domestic abuse, economic insecurity, and inadequate public support.
The liberal approach holds significantly more weight than the conservative. Although the detrimental effects of abortion and illegitimacy are clear to see, they do not destroy families so much as they destroy individuals. Homosexuality certainly has no effect on this, as can be seen in the many happy, same-sex parent families around the nation. Domestic abuse tears families apart, as it tears directly at the fabric of trust which holds a marriage together. Economic insecurity can bring stress on a family, which can help wear it down. Finally, adequate public support is in place, which means that both of these theories are flawed, but the liberal approach can be seen as more valid than the conservative approach.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Marriage, etc.

To the naked eye, it would seem that the history of marriage started off as a more utilitarian institution than one of romance or procreation. However, over a long period of time from the Romans up to the twentieth century, it evolved as women gained more ground in the social strata. As it progressed, it came to its height in the early middle of the twentieth century, when romance was the center of a marriage, the numbers of arranged marriages were significantly diminished, and fidelity was not only expected, it was almost required based on social opinions. In light of this evolution and the devolution of the relationship which took place very soon after to the modern standard which  can be defined by the selfishness seen by both sexes involved, the modern tradition of marriage can be viewed as a step backwards in the timeline.  So, rather than being viewed as a maturation or an improvement in the system, the modern trend of infidelity should be seen instead as a deliberate return to the negative, borderline derogatory methods of the past.