Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Marriage, etc.

To the naked eye, it would seem that the history of marriage started off as a more utilitarian institution than one of romance or procreation. However, over a long period of time from the Romans up to the twentieth century, it evolved as women gained more ground in the social strata. As it progressed, it came to its height in the early middle of the twentieth century, when romance was the center of a marriage, the numbers of arranged marriages were significantly diminished, and fidelity was not only expected, it was almost required based on social opinions. In light of this evolution and the devolution of the relationship which took place very soon after to the modern standard which  can be defined by the selfishness seen by both sexes involved, the modern tradition of marriage can be viewed as a step backwards in the timeline.  So, rather than being viewed as a maturation or an improvement in the system, the modern trend of infidelity should be seen instead as a deliberate return to the negative, borderline derogatory methods of the past.

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